Homeopathic  Aromatherpy

Lilian Terry International Spa and Wellness Prodcucts


A  unique combination of homeopathic ingredients and aromatherapy essential oils which synergise to create powerful, natural pure energy treatment

Oils that enhance, and re balance health and well being.


The aromeopathic treatment oils used in the treatments are oils made from pure organic essential oils and cold pressed carrier oils. They contain no articifical fragrances or colouring agents and are not tested on animals.


Lillian Terry had 27 years of experience in practical, diagnostic, and research and development, in aromatherapy and in 1996 she joined forces with Dr Katerina Tsvyetkova, an experienced physician and homeopath, to create the worlds first Aromeopathic pure energy healing complexes




I also use the rather  excellent range of organic Neals Yard aromatherapy oils and beauty treatments.  Neals Yard have beein in business for 30 years and are still leading th way in ecological, organic and sustainable beauty and well being.


First certified Organic health and beauty company in the UK

First UK High St retailer of organic ssential oils

First UK CarbonNeutral high street retailer.


Neal Yard essential oils are producd to the highest standards, using the purest natural ingredients.  They grow many of the herbs themselves, to ensure best quality.


Neals Yard have a passion for organic and holistic health.