I specialise in Massage of all types and I am well  known for my  holistic and sensitive approach to treating clients with particular problems, especially those with problems in the neck and shoulder areas and clients suffering from stress.


Aromatherapy treatments are incredibly relaxing and very good at relieving stress and tension, and the aromatherapy oils will go on working well after the massage has finished.


The massage can be very deep to release muscle tension or light to release tension, in most treatment I tend to blend both, to give the best results.


I have had a wide experience over the last 15 years, from running a very successful mobile business, to working in several clinics, bringing holistic massage to numerous schools in the area, organising the very successful Festival of Well Being at Aylesbury and organising Healthy Living Days at local schools, as well as providing therapists for conferneces and open days.


I have a very holistic approach to massage and will devise a massage treatment specifically for you and your condition

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